Southern Crafted is a family business started by husband and wife team Adam Jankowski and Kristin Meyer.

My name is Kristin Meyer. People always ask “how’d you get into this business?” So, here’s the story.

In 2015, I was living in a really cool loft in Greenville, SC. The building had been a textile mill originally and throughout the building were remnants of its history. Included in the architecture were amazing sliding doors in the hallways made of metal and fixed in an open position. A number of condo owners used the hallway door for inspiration and created barn doors for their closets. I’d always wanted one, but had no idea where to get one.

Enter Adam, my partner in crime and engineer genius. I shared with him my vision and he shaped it into a reality. Over the course of 2 months, we gathered reclaimed wood from various places and put together our first door. It was beautiful, if I do say so myself.

One of my friends saw the pictures I’d posted about the process and invited me to check out his door business, Southern Crafted Doors. I mentioned that if he ever wanted a partner, to give me a call.

In April, 2016, that call came in! As luck would have it, my friend was given an amazing opportunity and needed to sell the business. Fortunately for me, it was perfect timing to take on a new challenge. We were thrilled to be able to carry on the business making doors.

During the 2018 Spring Southern Home & Garden Show we met another husband-wife team who manufactured exterior shutters as part of their line up. We both had similar approaches to our businesses and similar divisions of labor. Adam and I were each working part-time with Southern Crafted Doors with the goal of making it our full-time business in the near future. That August, they called to see if we were interested in purchasing the manufacturing part of their business. We were thrilled at the opportunity and went to work preparing to make it happen. In January of 2019, Southern Crafted Shutters was born and Adam left his full-time job as an engineer in order to dedicate his time to making doors and shutters.

Today, we’ve changed our business a bit.  We are both full time, we’ve hired a great team and now we focus 100% on shutters.  We are grateful for the journey thus far, and look forward to what the future has in store!

Meet the Southern Crafted Team!

All Aluminum - closed louver upper and raised panel lower

Kristin Meyer

Founder, CEO

If you want to get Kristin talking, ask her about one of her trips out of the country. She loves to travel and has been to Asia, Africa, Canada, Central & South America, Europe and to all but 4 states in the USA. Once upon a time she completed an Ironman triathlon and while she's not trained for distance in quite some time, she still runs and rides on a semi-regular basis. Originally from Massachusetts, she has called South Carolina home for over 15 years. She credits her parents for giving her a strong work ethic and belief in her dreams. Growing up, she was encouraged to work for what she wanted - whether it was shoveling stalls in exchange for riding lessons at a local horse farm or waiting tables to save up for a cruise with friends or babysitting every weekend in order to buy a used car, she learned from an early age that if she wanted something bad enough, she'd have to work her tail off to get it. She hopes to inspire her team to pursue their dreams and looks forward to growing SCS in such a way that she is able to give back to the community around her.


Adam Jankowski

Founder, Chief Engineer

Some people say Adam is the inspiration behind McGyver because he's so good at figuring out how to make something work. He's been tinkering and causing mayhem since he was young when he took apart his mother's sewing machine, just to see how it worked, and when he created a "scuba tank" from materials around the house and put it to the test in the creek behind his house. Today, when he has some free time, he likes to refurbish batteries, tinker on his car, truck or tractor, and is forever trying to figure out the secret to the perfect lawn. Someday in the future, he'd like to get an RV and travel across the country. For now, he enjoys exporing new roads on his road bike to find potential bike routes that have pretty scenery and are tame enough that Kristin won't be afraid to join in the fun.


Angela Eleazer

Organization Guru

Angela is a bonafide get'er'done kind of woman. She does not sit still at work or at home! She's currently working on building a catio in her new home in and working on getting us organized at the shop.


John Burdette

The Muscle

John is heads and shoulders above the rest.... literally, here at the shop. Not only is he tall enough to reach a lot of things, he's also strong enough to carry stuff, too. He's currently studying mechatronics and can't wait until the day he can sit back in the corner office eating bon bons and waiting for people to come to him with their challenges. Don't tell him that day is NOT anytime soon, because he's living the dream right now!

Zion Shutter

Zionn Belton

The Apprentice

Zionn is our amazing apprentice. The skills he has learned from his building and construction course at Golden Strip Career Center have prepared him for a successful transition into the workplace, and we love being his first job experience! When he's not at work or school, he's working on his driving skills so he can get enough hours in to qualify for his driver's license test and drive his twin sister around town.



Shutter Dog

Bootz gets all the attention around the shop - and he kind of likes it that way. He makes sure the shop and surrounding area are clear of lizards, mice, chipmunks and just about anything else that tries to run around and make our shop its home. He was used to always being the employee of the month, and got a little jealous when the team started to grow. Now he's thrilled to have more people love on him daily!


Kimberley Miner


To know Kimberley is to love her! Don't let her perfect hair all flowing and beautiful, fool you. This woman is known for rolling up her sleeves and making it happen. When Kristin needed someone to cheer her on at her Ironman, Kimberley flew across the country to be by her side - and ensured Kristin not only had spare goggles, but that she knew she was supported from friends around the world. When Kristin and Adam got married, it was Kimberley who jumped into Sherpa mode again, not letting them get away with a boring "use all the hotel decoration" reception, but rather created an elaborate masquarade theme, just as Kristin always imagined. She hasn't made any shutters yet, but you can bet that if she were to try, they'd be the most amazing shutters ever... because, that's just how she rolls.



SOUTHERN CRAFTED SHUTTERS can be delivered nationwide straight to your door!