Southern Crafted is a family business started by husband and wife team Adam Jankowski and Kristin Meyer.

My name is Kristin Meyer. People always ask “how’d you get into this business?” So, here’s the story.

In 2015, I was living in a really cool loft in Greenville, SC. The building had been a textile mill originally and throughout the building were remnants of its history. Included in the architecture were amazing sliding doors in the hallways made of metal and fixed in an open position. A number of condo owners used the hallway door for inspiration and created barn doors for their closets. I’d always wanted one, but had no idea where to get one.

Enter Adam, my partner in crime and engineer genius. I shared with him my vision and he shaped it into a reality. Over the course of 2 months, we gathered reclaimed wood from various places and put together our first door. It was beautiful, if I do say so myself.

One of my friends saw the pictures I’d posted about the process and invited me to check out his door business, Southern Crafted Doors. I mentioned that if he ever wanted a partner, to give me a call.

In April, 2016, that call came in! As luck would have it, my friend was given an amazing opportunity and needed to sell the business. Fortunately for me, it was perfect timing to take on a new challenge. We were thrilled to be able to carry on the business making doors.

During the 2018 Spring Southern Home & Garden Show we met another husband-wife team who manufactured exterior shutters as part of their line up. We both had similar approaches to our businesses and similar divisions of labor. Adam and I were each working part-time with Southern Crafted Doors with the goal of making it our full-time business in the near future. That August, they called to see if we were interested in purchasing the manufacturing part of their business. We were thrilled at the opportunity and went to work preparing to make it happen. In January of 2019, Southern Crafted Shutters was born and Adam left his full-time job as an engineer in order to dedicate his time to making doors and shutters.

Today, we’ve changed our business a bit.  We are both full time, we’ve hired a great team and now we focus 100% on shutters.  We are grateful for the journey thus far, and look forward to what the future has in store!



SOUTHERN CRAFTED SHUTTERS can be delivered nationwide straight to your door!